Are you ready to break away from the masses?  If so UnCruise Adventures may be for you. Founded in 1996 this unique ocean and river cruise line prides it’s self on going where other cruise lines can’t, with small ships but big adventures.

They offer  set itineraries, on the Columbia & Snake Rivers and coastal cruises in the Pacific North West, but in-the-moment decisions with Mother Nature leading the way will happen! No two UnCruise departures are ever the same, and they’re way more personable.


Uncruise Adventures


The Pacific Northwest

From the winding channels of the San Juan Islands to the inlets of British Columbia, meanderings in the Pacific Northwest put you in unique corners of this world with UnCruise Adventures Out here, a hike for every level means just that. Casual beachcombers can poke around tide pools. Or, if a rigorous hike is more your style, the temperate rainforest of Olympic National Park calls.

British Columbia Yachter’s Paradise – April – May
Olympic Wilderness & San Juan Islands – April – November

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Columbia & Snake Rivers

Lewis and Clark never had it so good. You on the other hand, with an Uncruise Adventure, get a lot more comfort and healthy pours of local wine. Wine and adventure river cruises pull right up to jagged cliffs and wide plateaus so you can explore your way—while swirling a glass of Pinot Noir or hiking the switchbacks of the tallest waterfall in the state

Rivers of Wine – October – December
Rivers of Adventure – August – October

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Uncruise Adventures Alaska


UnCruise Adventures has over 20 years of exploring Alaska, and nobody knows it better. Their captains and crew navigate its waterways and inlets as easily as walking the halls of their own ship—and are always on the lookout. Spot a bear foraging for salmon on the shore and the captain swings back around so you can get a better look. There’s nowhere better to be than right here.

Glacier Bay Small Ship Cruise – April – July
Whales, Wildlife & Glaciers – May – August
Alaska’s Glaciers & Whales – May – August

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Uncruise Adventures Panama & Costa Rica

Panama & Costa Rica

Ocean, sky, or palms—painted with the brightest blues and greens. In Costa Rica and Panama, humidity soothes from the outside in. Howler monkeys and hummingbirds lure you along jungle hikes. Fragrant orchids creep out from mangroves. Villagers display their woven baskets. Finish the day with a cocktail, as you soak up the sunset on this UnCruise Adventure.

Panama Cultures, Coasts & Canal – May – November
Ultimate Costa Rica & Panama – April – August
Wonders of Costa Rica & Panama – January – August

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Uncruise Adventures Hawaii & Galapagos Islands


Humpbacks and dolphins alongside the boat are just the beginning on your UnCruise Adventure. Daytime snorkeling in warm water, coral gardens, and neon-colored fish while a night snorkel with Giant Pacific Manta rays is an experience in Hawaii’s marine sanctuary remembered long after you’ve taken off your flippers. You’ve never lived Aloha quite like this.

Hawaiian Seascapes – November – March

The Galapagos Islands

Ecuador welcomes with pre-Columbian and Spanish colonial architecture, but what you’re here for is the wildlife. Get in a snorkel with green sea turtles or a guided amble past blue-footed boobies, flamingos, penguins, and iguanas. Darwin’s famed giant tortoises watch over their natural habitat reminding you that this is the ancient world—for you to explore on this UnCruise Adventure.

Darwins Islands & Colonial Quito – February – June

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Uncruise Adventures Mexico

Mexico Sea of Cortez

Steinbeck, Cousteau… now it’s your turn to explore the “world’s aquarium” with UnCruise Adventures in the Sea of Cortes. Greet sea lions from the boat or skiff, or slip into a wetsuit for an even closer encounter. Getting your sea legs is easy too—relax with toes in the sand, on a hike, or atop a mule through the canyons of Baja. Land and sea are a step, or kayak, away.

Baja’s Bounty – November – March

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